Story Settings - Quick Tips

April 14, 2024 vers. 1.0

Welcome to your Story Settings Quick Tips.

1. Top menu icon adds Story Setting.

2. A Story Setting is a story/scene location, a Story Rule/World Rule, Story Groups, anything associated to a story, world, people, things.

3. Keep Storyfyre open in your browser tab on any device while writing, editing, revising...use with any writing software.

4. Add attributes/descs/goals/notes to Story Settings, to map Story Settings.

5. icon adds an attribute/desc/goal/note to bottom of story setting.

6. Hover over/tap(touch) attribute/desc/goal/note to select.

7. Double-click or double-tap(touch) an attribute/desc/goal/note to quick open the edit panel, write in, view.

8. Attribute/Desc/Goal/Note + buttons add at that location.

9. Selected attribute/desc/goal/note will also display popup edit icon to open edit panel.

10. Click/tap Story Setting name to open Story Setting information edit panel.

11. Or open Story Setting's information edit panel by selecting Edit under its dropdown menu.

12. Use , , and icons to open extended functionality.

13. Select attribute/desc/goal/note then use the icon to drag/drop.

14. Drag/drop attribute/desc/goal/note anywhere you want.

15. An attribute/desc/goal/note dropped outside a Story Setting or the work area returns to its original location.

16. Move Story Setting by hovering over/tap(touch) the icon to select.

17. Then use the icon to move/drag/drop Story Setting.

18. Close(Hide/Condense) or Open(Show/Expand) Story Settings under its dropdown menu to give you extra focus.

19. Add/Use Story Setting filters/tags.

20. Use attributes/filters to work faster/better, and for a better story.

21. Create Story Setting Tags/Filters in the filter area. Then connect them in your attributes/descs/goals/notes.

22. Use the Filtered/Unfiltered button to turn the Filtered view on or off. Use the Set Filters button to it's right to set filters/tags.

23. Use Filters to focus your attributes/story settings view to work on.

24. Click Add Image or Story Setting Image to Add Story Setting Images.

25. Add images to your Story Settings/Attributes, Story Settings view.

26. Describe/Map Story Settings/Attributes to finish a great story.

27. Work on your story's Story Settings/Attributes anywhere on any device.

28. Take your writing project to the next level with a story/book bible.

29. Take your Story Settings with you wherever you go.