Scene Outline - Quick Tips

April 14, 2024 vers. 1.0

Welcome to your Scene Outline Quick Tips.

1. / icons hide/show a Chapter.

2. Click the (dot point) to open the Dot Point Menu.

3. Drag the (point) to move the chapter/scene/text to a new location.

4. Click the  to Create/Add/Edit chapters/scenes/text.

5. / icons hide/show a chapter/scene/text synopsis/description/note.

6. Click a Chapter to open its edit panel.

7. Click a Scene/Text to open its edit panel.

8. You can go Chapter then Scene/Text levels deep in this version.

9. Keep your Scene Outline open in your browser tab on any device while writing, editing, revising...use with any writing software.

10. Scroll down a scene/text edit panel for more functionality.

11. Describe/Map Chapters/Scenes/Text to finish a great story.

12. Close(Hide) or Open(Expand) Chapters to give you focus.

13. Click/customize your chapter/scene/text names or descriptions or add chapters/scenes/text to fit your story/novel process.

14. Use and icons to open extended functionality.

15. Your Scene Outline and your Scene Map are the same story's information displayed in a different way.

16. Work on your story's/draft's Scene Outline anywhere on any device.

17. Take your Scene Outlines with you wherever you go.

18. Create your own story bible.