Characters - Quick Tips

April 14, 2024 vers. 1.0

Welcome to your Characters Quick Tips.

1. Top menu icon adds Character.

2. Keep Storyfyre open in your browser tab on any device while writing, editing, revising...use with any writing software.

3. Add attributes/descs/goals/notes to Characters to map Characters.

4. icon adds an attribute/desc/goal/note to bottom of character.

5. Hover over/tap(touch) attribute/desc/goal/note to select.

6. Double-click or double-tap(touch) an attribute/desc/goal/note to quick open the edit panel, write in, view.

7. Attribute/Desc/Goal/Note + buttons add at that location.

8. Selected attribute/desc/goal/note will also display popup edit icon to open edit panel.

9. Click/tap(touch) Character name to open information edit panel.

11. Or open Character's information edit panel by selecting Edit under its dropdown menu.

12. Use , , and icons to open extended functionality.

13. Select attribute/desc/goal/note then use the icon to drag/drop.

14. Drag/drop attribute/desc/goal/note anywhere you want.

15. An attribute/desc/goal/note dropped outside a Character or the work area returns to its original location.

16. Move Character by hovering over/tap(touch) the icon to select.

17. Then use the icon to move/drag/drop Character.

18. Close(Hide/Condense) or Open(Show/Expand) Characters under its dropdown menu to give you extra focus.

19. Add/Use Character filters/tags.

20. Use attributes/filters to work faster/better, and for a better story.

21. Create Character Tags/Filters in the filter area. Then connect them in your attributes/descs/goals/notes.

22. Use the Filtered/Unfiltered button to turn the Filtered view on or off. Use the Set Filters button to it's right to set filters/tags.

23. Use Filters to focus your attributes/character view to work on.

24. Click Add Image or Images to Add Character Images to Characters.

25. Add images to your Characters/Attributes, Characters area/view.

26. Describe/Map Characters/Attributes to finish a great story.

27. Work on your story's Characters/Attributes anywhere on any device.

28. Take your writing project to the next level with a story/book bible.

29. Take your Characters with you wherever you go.